Sunday, February 27, 2011


If you are a stalker, please, I am begging you.

"Please don't manipulates all the contents here in my blog. This blog is all about me. I don't need anybody to spread all my feelings here by your word-of-mouth thingy. Or else, it is your hobby and I can't stop it."

ah, I knew some of you are my ex-colleagues, some of you are my family members, some of you are my friends, or maybe you are somebody that I don't even know who. like I care! huhu.

don't get me wrong when reading all my writings. it is only that you are not understand what I meant. and please respect my privacy here, because I have a right to write what I want.

yes, I know that I am not a star. I just want a respect from all of you. don't be so kepoh by telling others that I am like this and that.

when you have a blog, maybe you will feel the same way too.

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