Friday, February 11, 2011

redmummy again

oh saya dah kembali obses dengan kewujudan redmummy nih! check out this entry at yesterday, she knews lepas cerita blogging dia keluar dalam paper, many peoples will make an entry of it and so do I! hehe.. now she wanted her readers to give her the link of the entry so that she will comment about the entry back..

I have already give her my link and surprise surprise she already dropped her comment on my entry! haha..dasar eksaited kan kalau orang famous say hello to us kan? hehe..

so nak tau apa yang redmummy comment kat entry saya tu? nah, baca ni!

to kak red, I will read (of course have to dig all the entries and find the way you make the hit k!) yes, I will..

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