Friday, February 18, 2011

Back To Normal

since Dec 2010, I've been separated from my husband because I have to work at Mantin, NS while he is still working at KL. sudahnya jadi weekend husband-wife lah kan. banyak betul dugaannya bila tak melekat berdua ni. ye lah, I mean I tak nampak dia, dia tak nampak I. masa awal-awal dulu memang rindu merindu nangis menangis tu biasalah ye, sebab kalau dulu tetiap malam nak tido harus peluk dia dulu pastu bila pagi sorang dah telungkup sorang dah senget ke tepi. haha.
so by the time of that, I still looking for another job that suits me better in terms of the location. I have going through lots of interviews and finally I have been offered to a new job, which is nearer from our house in KL. nak tau betapa dekatnya? alah beza 2 station LRT aje!!!! best kan?
I got the news just now, and have informed my 2 colleagues, Lit & Diana about the joy. bila diorang baca emel tu memasing dah bergonjeng, menggeletis macam beruk dapat bunga. haha. of course they are happy for me, because they also wanted to resign but need to find another job first la kan?
I have to report duty on 1st March 2011, as an assistant registrar at the ipts near pj. haha, bunyik gempak kan? of course still in education field but I am not going to liaise with students anymore. wihuuu. tapi of course kena hadap registrar la pulak. hmm. life is never easy kan?
ok then, tu je berita gembira nak kasi tau. boboi.

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