Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Being A Personal Assistant

sebelum ni tak pernah terbayang yang one day, I will be a PA. ada orang panggil Secretary. tapi apa pun, job description tetap sama - mengurus seorang bos during office hours. tapi ada jugak yang lebih pada mengurus kehidupan peribadi bos tu sendiri. maksudnya, besides all arrangement during office hours, ada jugak personal matters yang kena involve. let say, kena book personal flight ticket for his family ke, get contacts for kenduri kawen anak ke kan. but alhamdulillah so far, my task is always official. nothing personal. bagus kan bos saya. hehe.
it is quite interesting for this new environment. I felt lucky because my boss give me a chance to be his PA since I don't have any certificate in secretarialship. all this while I have been involve with the students and all academic exercise. I wish I can stay longer here to gain an experience of being PA so that I can bring myself forward into this new field.
ramai orang kata, PA seharusnya fully packaged with beautiful body, good looking, sexy, fashionable. tapi maybe condition tu applied with corporate sector plus the boss punya taste memang tak boleh blah macam nak carik bini. just be presentable & nice to everybody, because you will liaise with top management.
so for those yang interested in being a Personal Assistant, my advice is :
- be particular
- always do the task ASAP to show that you are very competent in doing task
- be familiar (or expert if can) with computers and all its functions, together with MS Office software (my boss have asked me where he can find the 'alpha' symbol in MS Word. it will look like simple, but if you are not familiar with this, you are not competent enough with MS Word)
- aware with our boss schedule. remind him all the meetings & arrangements.
- be ready with task given from time to time. (no such gossiping time since PA will be placed next to the boss' office. hehe.)
- good communication with all levels
ok itu aje experience so far. kalau ada lagi nanti I update k!

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