Friday, April 1, 2011

Ya Ampunnn

Dear readers,

as you can see from the list, there is only ONE entry for March 2011. hoho. what happened to me? actually, I have been working out with another blog of mine, as my status will be changed one step higher. hehe. suspen tak? ok lets find out my new blog HERE.

4 response:

Lady In The Mirror said...

tahniah amirah! tak leh nk comment on ur new blog... so comment kt sini. wish u all theb est

youramirah said...

o ye ke xleh comment? tgk settings ok je..btw tqvm..i'll pray for you too!!

amilin said...


wei, mir! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!

ingat i lg x? hehe..

youramirah said...

mana i leh lupe cik milin tembam ni..hehe..
tengkiu anyway! nnt kenduri ecah I tunjuk perut buncit i k..haha

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