Sunday, July 4, 2010

Can We Have Bank Of Hollywood Malaysia Version?

aiyoh! I just watched Bank Of Hollywood on E! channel..oh my goodness! can we have this reality show in Malaysia too? if yes, I will be the one who ask for RM20K for my IVF..(so that no need to eat those pills ok!)

ok fine mesti korang tercangak-cangak apekebenda Bank Of Hollywood nih kan? rancangan ni ada 4 panels whom called BANKERS (ni orang kaya yang pemurah) sesape yang nak ape2, just merayu & mintak je depan bankers tu semua..xkiralah ko nak jadi penyanyi ke, nak bukak kedai ke ape ke..asalkan ko dapat 3 YES daripada 4 bankers, maknanya ko akan dapat apa yang ko mintak..

best gile kan? oh haruslah ada audition sebelum nak mintak2 ni kan.. comment but still wondering how rich they are to give others? hohoho..

any malaysian wanna give away your money? I just need some to clean up my ovaries so that I can pregnant~

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