Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Environment

alhamdulillah is the 1st word anyway..I have something to do in routine at last! the new environment will be away from the KL city but nearer to my dearest family at Seremban..I will report duty on next Monday and will be separate with my husband dearest..hmm..he is giving a try for this as we have only 1 car..there is another alternative by the way but he still want me to drive & stay at Seremban while he is staying with his family at u papa!

I'm hoping that the new environment is better than I have ever had before..even the salary is lower than before, but I believe this is what Allah want to give me all this least I have something la kan~

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Irtiyah said...


Semoga serasi di tempat baru.

Saya telah tag awak

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